Go Green

Our team from Szechenyi & Partner has had the privilege to develop a new concept and reinvent the image of vbboiler, a sustainable water heating system for smart households from Verdabelo.
Vbboiler is a strong player in the social stock market exchange with headquarters in London. The company deals with valuable green boilers in order to encourage sustainability and environmental responsibility in the greater area of London. The system reduces CO2 emissions to prevent further progress in climate change. Additionally to saving our planet, vbboiler helps to reduce heating costs up to 50%.

Our aim was to introduce some life to the image of vbboiler, while maintaining its fundamentals. We wanted to point out its advantages and improve its stock presence, without changing the company from the bottom up. This way, we tried to combine the soul and ideas behind the rising of the brand with the needs and desires of its smart and modern customers.
We took the basic ideas of vbboiler and added a little love and spice to give it a fresh spirit. Like this, made the product more compatible to the visions of its clients. To further establish the brand in its market and to be able to reach out for potential customers at a grass root level, we also designed a financial plan and posting structure for the brand’s social media presence such as facebook.

This is particularly useful as most of the communication and product presentation takes place online. In addition, the vbboiler is introduced via folders, fairs and on-site marketing in e.g. hardware stores. The idea was to create a customer community through the “word of mouth”. This is amongst the trustworthiest ways for an energy efficient system like vbboiler to convince potential buyers of the product. The goal is to turn “first-time buyers” into “constant buyers”.

Supporting this, our task to create a new image and connotation of the company and its product is now accomplished. We changed the name and the logo, shared our inputs and laid the foundation for a fresh start. We now let vbboiler take over, so they can make the best out of it!